We believe coffee has the power to change the world.

To build companies. To rekindle relationships. To help romance blossom. We know that an amazing cup of coffee, in the right setting, allows people to come together. To slow down and connect. And not this new ‘online’ connection, but an old fashioned ‘look each other in the eye and really mean it’ connection.

We believe in great coffee because it allows people to connect with people. We know that everything great in the world; everything that has ever inspired you, anyone that ever made a difference. It all began from the same point. The simple, yet powerful moment when you slow down and you make a connection.

We know great connections can start with great coffee.

Corner Hovell & South Streets, Wodonga
Wagga Wagga Airport
Calvary Hospital, Wagga Wagga

Pour Our Beans

We Provide

•   Handcrafted coffee roasted in small batches for consistency and delivered to your door
•   The opportunity to create your own Signature Blend
•   Branded disposable cups, ceramic cups & keep cups
•   Merchandise including aprons, umbrellas, barriers, t-shirts, buttons
•   Aeropress products for sale within your café or retail outlet
•   Access to top quality La Marzocco equipment and Mazzer grinders
•   Ongoing training on site, including barista training and latte art
•   Professional business advice and marketing support - including social media, publicity, offers and campaigns to drive sales